Blessings, Baptisms & Christenings

Dear Parent,

Thank-you for wanting to get your child Christened.  Christening (also called baptism) is a big step and not something that should be done without careful thought and preparation.  Below are the steps of the process.

  1. First, do you live in the parish?  If you live south of the A5 dual carriageway (in Wilnecote, Hockley, Belgrave, Two Gates or Kettlebrook) then we can help you; if not, you will need to contact your local parish priest.  (We may be able to provide their names and numbers.)

     A map of the parish is available here:

  2. Second, we ask you to bring your child for a “Blessing” at church on a Sunday morning.  These happen in the 09:30am  service on the first and third Sundays of the month.  This is a short time of public prayer, giving thanks to God for your child and asking for God’s protection and help.  Many parents consider this enough and do not go on to have a full Christening.

  3. Third, we ask you to attend church for nine weeks.  These don't have to be consecutive (in a row without a break), just nine Sundays in total.  There is a sign-up sheet on the noticeboard (under the war memorial) so you can record the dates of your visits.

  4. Then we'll book the Christening.  Christenings take place on the second and fourth Sundays of each month at 11.00am.  You may not be able to get the exact date you want as we limit places to three children per service but we will do what we can to accommodate your family’s needs.

In baptism we come to God and he comes to us through his son, Jesus Christ.  The more simple service of “Blessing” (see no. 2 above) is often a good first step and you may wish to leave it at that.  Whatever you decide we look forward to sharing the love of God with you.

The Rev'd. Oliver Harrison